sobota, 6 listopada 2010


This is the look for today..I hope you like it..

Here goes:

1.Prime your lid with an eyeshadow base.

2.Sweep some yellow eyeshadow from the inner corner to approx. 2/3 of the lid. (Mine is NOT gold, evan if it looks like it)

3.Add some matt orange to the outer corner like so, and blend them together

4.Here goes the most difficult thing - cutting the crease - draw an eyeshaped line, little bit above the crease, but don't go all the way to the inner corner.Then draw a line that will be an extension of your waterline.Like so:

Don't worry if it gets thick - it's evan better, it'll help with blending.

5.Now it's time for some brown eyeshadow.Apply it over the line, and bring it upwards.You'll probably need to reapply a few times, before you get something like this roughly:

6.Now it's time for highlight.Apply a white eyeshadow under the brow ,and blend downwards.

7.Accentuate the sharp line by putting some black shadow on it.Just a little bit...

8.Add black/brown liner pencil to your waterline,and lower lashline.Apply yellow eyeshadow to the inner corner,and brown on the lower lashline.(over the liner) Blend outwards.

Last thing is your mascara, and brows.I made mine red this time, but you can barely see it in the photo...

You really need to blend this right, and reapply the shadows, where ever needed.I did it like 5 times o_O

Have fun!


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