niedziela, 28 listopada 2010


The white stuff is comming down from the sky..I thought I'm gonna do something really simple, and so I did.Just blue and white.No more.

Enjoy the simpleness :)

My hair is destroyed... I thought I'm gonna bleach it, so that the red will come out more vibrant.But the bleached part became an ugly rectangle. O_o
Had to dye it black...

sobota, 20 listopada 2010

My inspiration ;)

Now, the first photo would be my inspiration :)

Yep :)

Now, I'm not gonna show my whole face ,coz I realize how bad I look on these photos I took myself.This just can't be good.

Which one is better? :) I like the one with grey lid

niedziela, 14 listopada 2010

My brows!!! O_O

I finally did it...

O my god I was so scared to do it..But one day I just woke up, took the mirror..And half of my brows are gone!
And I actually love it...

I also braid in my dreads.I wish I had more of them...I'll get them soon.Here's some make up I did to celebrate :)



 I think I'm gonna do a tutorial tommoro, stay tuned!

wtorek, 9 listopada 2010

Inspired by my forum friend

Didn't work out...

Pinkish , Blueish Crap

This one I did yesterday, I wasn't sure if it looks good or not, that's why I did just one eye.
I still don't know if I like it or not.Kinda like it...But I don't know
Anyway ,here you go:

sobota, 6 listopada 2010


This is the look for today..I hope you like it..

Here goes:

1.Prime your lid with an eyeshadow base.

2.Sweep some yellow eyeshadow from the inner corner to approx. 2/3 of the lid. (Mine is NOT gold, evan if it looks like it)

3.Add some matt orange to the outer corner like so, and blend them together

4.Here goes the most difficult thing - cutting the crease - draw an eyeshaped line, little bit above the crease, but don't go all the way to the inner corner.Then draw a line that will be an extension of your waterline.Like so:

Don't worry if it gets thick - it's evan better, it'll help with blending.

5.Now it's time for some brown eyeshadow.Apply it over the line, and bring it upwards.You'll probably need to reapply a few times, before you get something like this roughly:

6.Now it's time for highlight.Apply a white eyeshadow under the brow ,and blend downwards.

7.Accentuate the sharp line by putting some black shadow on it.Just a little bit...

8.Add black/brown liner pencil to your waterline,and lower lashline.Apply yellow eyeshadow to the inner corner,and brown on the lower lashline.(over the liner) Blend outwards.

Last thing is your mascara, and brows.I made mine red this time, but you can barely see it in the photo...

You really need to blend this right, and reapply the shadows, where ever needed.I did it like 5 times o_O

Have fun!


piątek, 5 listopada 2010

Pink Devil

Hi there,

Soo I was planning this since ages...Finally here it is: my first makeup blog..I don't like to write much ,so I'll just move on to the very first post.Here goes:

I acctually made a ''tutorial'' on the makeup I'm going to show you guys.I have a good quality digital camera, but when I started doin' the tutorial the battery went down after I took like 4 pictures...I really wanted to do it, so I took my cell phone, and took photos with it.Plus it was getting dark outside, so this is a mixture of crappy pictures, and chaos...The camera in my phone wasn't focusing, so I had to go outside the door to take a picture,everytime I did another step of the tutorial.Lol, how stupid that was.

It will get better I promise - Next time I'll start earlier, so it won't get dark in the middle of my work ( I don't have any good artificial light, so...)
In a month or so I'll have in possesion one of these shiny ,fancy little babies - HD camera recorders.I'll be doin' videos :)

Anyways,  here it is:

Let's call this baby Pink Devil

1. Prime the lid and brow bone - In this case I used Virtual Eyeshadow Base

2.Apply black pencil liner on to the lid.Don't go far beyond the crease though.Doesn't have to be perfectly shaped,but make sure you cover the whole lid.

3.Smudge,and blend it upwards.You need to be patient about this now, as it's quite hard to blend.

4. The next step is to apply black eyeshadow over that.I used Too Faced Smokey Eye palette for it.

5.Put a bright ,vibrant pink color above the black, and blend them like so
 Obviously - don't go all the way up to the brow,as it may look like I did so.Apply it just above the crease , and blend upwards.
The color I used comes from 120 palette

6.The next thing is to sweep some highlight just underneath the brow.I used white color with a little bit of shimmer to it.(Comes from 120 palette)  Apply a generous amount, and blend downwards.

As you can see on this one - I messed it up a bit, I was in a hurry.(What a lame explanation) I should have blend it more on the inner corner of the eye.I fixed it up later on.But anyways - don't do that terrible mistake :)

7.Apply a different (but very similar) pink to the lower lash line.I acctually used two -  but they were so alike, that you cannot tell the difference from the pictures.Then put shimmery white to the inner corner of the eye.Mine comes from 88 palette ,and it has a pink/violet shimmer to it.Quite pretty.But not on the picture...

8.Apply black pencil to the waterline,and mascara.

If you want, you can also wipe off the eyeshadows in the outer corner , just as I usually do.If you have foundation on,after wiping the eyeshadow just fix outer corner with powder.
Other people stick a piece of tape to the outer corner, before applying any eye makeup.I don't do it just because I always forget to do it :) But I do belive in myself and I know deep down in my heart that one day I'll wake up in the morning, and when I'll start getting ready ,I'll put the damn tape on.

If you want you can also do your brows.

Try to make the colors as vibrant as possible,by re-applying them, when blending.

And that's it basically.A lot of blending, a lot of re-applying colors.That's what I like :)

Thanks for your time :) Hope you like it